What Features Should Be There In the eBook

What Features Should Be There In the eBook

You Want to Sell Online & Earn Money?

I don’t think there is anything unrealistic with this dream. You may think it beyond possibilities, yet it is not. There are hundreds of writers, who aim to write twenty to sixty thousand words a month and earning a handsome income using their writing capabilities.

If a professional writer sixty or more than sixty thousand words, you can write a twenty thousand words eBook in a month. Can’t you? I beg your pardon because I am going to pull your leg to drag you into this self-publishing business that will open “doors to dollars” on you.

So let’s start to enter the amazing world of opportunities and start converting your words into money. Writing & publishing your eBook could be a marvelous experience for you and also be both exciting and overwhelming, yet you are welcome to read a complete guide on creating and selling an eBook on your or some affiliated site. 

Quality of the eBook

If you want your eBook to be beneficial for you, be careful to include all the amenities and features, mentioned in the following lines. 

Focus on Your Targeted Audiences

Don’t forget to take into account your targeted audience before typing on the keyboard. If you start creating your project and identify your targeted viewers later, it’s like you are trying to fit a round block into a square hole. Finalize the decision to choose the niche you want to target, identify their requirements. You had better base the topic of your eBook on these features.

Take the First Step with a Unique Topic

So get ready to start writing a bestseller of 2020 in the second week of New Year. Since you’ve made up your mind, it’s most probably you’ve already created some idea in your mind to write a book, people would love undoubtedly. Note down that idea and store it in a secret & safe place.

Don’t touch it for the whole month and just concentrate on giving reality to your dream. The idea, you want to write on should be simple, specific, and useful and irresistible for your readers. If you are a blog writer, you must be aware of the readers’ choices. Do you find your blog readers asking for different posts covering particular issues?

You can get help from your audience, if what do they want to read offer them a few options to choose from. You don’t have much time to make long surveys. Spare just a few days to finalize the topic. Let your FaceBook friend, Twitter followers take you out of this difficulty and make some tweets or post up a thread on Facebook and filter the suggestion offered by friends.

Be surprised, you are going to be surprised by receiving the ideas from your social circle, but when you’ve got an idea, you can take a good start to attain your goal. Choose the topic that you are passionate about or acknowledge with, because it is the key to create an ebook that is informative and profitable as well. 

Choose an Attractive & Killer Title to Start With

After finalizing the topic, it’s now time to choosing a killer title that grabs the reader and doesn’t let him leave the eBook until the ending page. In selling the eBooks, the title has always proven to be a game-changer. So be careful and specific while choosing one for your dream project. An attention-grabbing title draws people in to take a close look. 

Unique Content is Soul of Your eBook

When we discuss the importance of the unique content, we usually throw an example that “if the website is the body, content is head to it”. Similarly, we can apply this quote here” as if the eBook is the body, the content is soul to it”. Create the content as unique as possible.

There is a high level of competition in the eBook publishing market, so packing your digital work with unique content is considered as the key to its overall success. The passion & knowledge you are going to devote to your chosen topic allows you to deliver key insights to the reader that other eBooks might not offer.

Enhance these basic points and highlight them in your creativity. For example, if you are going to write an instructional book, don’t ignore to research the competition. If you find their content to be impersonal, not relevant to the average reader, and outdated.

It has also been found in many cases that the content was not proofread and thus was inaccurate too. There are not only native readers, who are going to read your eBook, yet there must be some others, who don’t know much of your language, so write in easy-to-understand terms, first-person narratives and if possible, utilize real-life, examples.

Proving yourself apart from the others could be a huge factor in the overall success of your eBook. You can’t afford to ignore the important sections of the book like indexing the content and about the author section. Make sure you’ve included all the copyright information in the relevant section. 

Make a Reasonable Length of Your Project

In the market of eBooks, you won’t find any hard rules that decide the specific length of your eBook. There are many examples, where you can see the eBooks containing less than ten pages and on some topics, you can read the books with less than five pages in length.

It’s not good to be reserve by presetting any word limit. Avoid strictly to include filler and fluff in the eBook to take it to a certain length. Just say, what you want to convey to your viewers in an organized, concise and comprehensive manner. It’s a false theory to equate the number of pages to value the eBook.

The length of the eBook depends on the quality of content that settles down its evaluation. If you can present unique content to your readers in just a few pages, that’s great to do so, yet if you can’t pack creative ideas and uniqueness in the book containing a hundred pages, you won’t get desired results. 

Work Deep in the Editing Phase 

You are about to present the best eBook in the world that contains quality tips, unique ideas, which were not published on the web ever before. Remember that if your project is filled with grammatical errors, it will soon be destined to failure.

You are highly recommended utilizing a professional proofreading editing service to ensure that your book is grammatically error-free. Otherwise, even the minimum of errors can also be exposed to the reader that the author was sloppy in his or her work, or that the content itself might be erroneous.

In What Format Do You Want To Present Your eBook To Your Readers?

Now, when you are done with your project, get ready to present it to your audiences. Formatting your eBook correctly is really dynamic for selling it online. There are three main formats used to convert the eBooks and they are, ePub, PDF, and, MOBI.

The file format MOBI is used to read the book from Kindle, a brand of Amazon, yet PDF and ePub file formats are for other readers from all over the world and accepted by Kobo, iBookstore, Apple, Barnes, and Noble. If possible, you can sell your books in ePub and PDF formats from your own online bookstore.

It would be a direct selling and would offer your net profit without sharing it with any other platform. It’s also possible to easily present your eBook with all three formats available for the customer to choose from. If you find yourself capable to convert the book, otherwise you can hire someone on Fiverr the formatting for you.

You can also use Microsoft Word or Open Office to transits to PDF. There is not everyone, who wants to read the book online, yet various would be there to get it in printed form. Therefore formatting your book to a standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ page size will make it convenient for printing.

Design an Eye-Catching Cover

A smart and good-looking cover could be another key that plays an important role in the success of your dream project. A large number of readers do judge the book by its cover and if your eBook is adorned the less-than-professional cover, all your efforts could go wasted. You can create a quality cover design on websites that allow you to get all for free. But it would be good to hire some professional designer unless you find yourself fully capable to do this professional job. 

Marketing & Selling Your eBook

It’s now time to add your eBook to your website, but if you don’t have, you can use various other platforms like Amazon, eBay, Barnes, iBookstore, Apple, Kobo, and Noble, etc. to upload your book. By using the streamlined tools of these sites, it’s become very easy to upload your eBook with an image of the front cover. Add a small description, and set the price, and leave it to your marketing efforts and destiny as well. 

Start the Campaign to Promote Your eBook

Now it is time to cash your name and worth, you’ve earned on FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, and all other social media platforms. Post the links of your eBook in your friend circle, tweet to your followers and make videos and upload on YouTube to market your dream project to everyone you know or not.

Get yourself prepared to dedicate serious time to your marketing both before and after the launching of your eBook. Build a buzz within your viewers and convert them into making the revenue. There are numerous authors, who think that marketing is easy for professionals, yet they are wrong.

The competition is rough and tough, and even the famous authors also have to make hard efforts to get sales. There is a benefit to self-publishing that you get complete control over the way you run the marketing campaign and sell your eBooks all by yourself.

Use Guest Posting To Grab Traffic

There are many other ways to grab traffic to your site, and the easiest way is to make guest posting for the sites that read the niche you’ve written in. Find out the reader by looking at the popular keywords for your specific niche and also search Google to see what blogs are most popular for them and how you can use it for your eBook. 

Upload Some Content on the Live Streaming Site

Don’t ignore the live streaming to create a buzz around your project.  You can use YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest to get traction with your audience, and of course, use your mail list as a valuable resource.

Keep Track of Your Sales

Here starts the exciting phase of your work, and that is to keep an eye on your sales. Check the Analytics Dashboard and see how many sales you’ve made and where they are coming from.

Wrapping up the Words

Creating and selling your eBook all by yourself is absolutely a hard work to do, but it’s also a really gratifying and rewarding way to share your expertise and explore your passions, and not to mention to increase your passive income. If you are ready to get started, the sky is the limit to make your online worth get your share from the literary field.


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