Take a Step Against Pollution

Take a Step against Pollution

What is Pollution

A simple introduction to Pollution is “Every substance causes damage to Nature is Pollution”

How many types of Pollution

There are three main types of Pollution such as:

  1. Air Pollution.
  2. Water Pollution.
  3. Soil Pollution. 

These basic pollution types have a very deep connection with the damages to living organisms. And it has a very simple logic that, Air we use to breathe in. The water we use to drink and Soil we use to grow food for ourselves.

So these are the basic sources of our lives to live in this world but unfortunately, mankind has a lead role in environmental damage and still continues to do the same. Yet, these Nature Gifts are ruins so brutally by humans.

Main Causes of Pollution and Effects

Nature is a very fine and pure gift to humanity and it has nothing to do with the pollution. Pollution is basically originated from Human Civilization. As there were no proper waste dumping solutions. So there were pile clumps from ancient times as evidence of pollution due to human civilization.

Pollution was not considered as a thinkable issue till mid of the 20th century. After the 20th century, pollution has gained human attention and it instantly becomes an actionable issue to the world. You can easily assume the cause of an uncontrollable pollution monster the world is dealing with if you notice the sharp increase of population and human development.

You can not deny the bad impact of wars on the environment. The war causes massive production of general and chemical weapons, bombs and other war instruments which affects the environment badly but the results were even more destructive when they were used and completely demolished the nature in their surroundings.

Causes and Effects of Air Pollution 

Every particle which harms the structure of Natural Air caused Air Pollution. Air is a precious gift of nature for living organisms to breathe clean and keeps the body healthy. But unfortunately, we forgot the importance of this priceless gift and treated it very roughly in the charm of the astonishing development of a modern world full of facilities and luxurious lifestyle.

Sources of Air Pollution

  1. We have cut down the forests producing fresh oxygen and filter contaminated air. 
  2. Developed chains of industry releasing toxic clouds through their chimneys to the air.
  3. We have made vehicles releasing poisonous smoke through their silencers.
  4. We have made chemical weapons to strengthen the defense but weaken nature.

Sadly, we preferred our interests over a clean world to breathe in.

So overall, we mankind held responsible for all the destruction to nature and now it becomes our responsibility to fix this. We need to redirect our lifestyles to make this world and clean and healthy for upcoming generations.

We are living in the age of technology and we need to use it in the right way to clean this mess spread by us. Fortunately, we have invented solutions or alternative sources to prevent air pollution but could not mold the world to use those replacements for a clean environment.

Solutions and Prevention of Air Pollution

  1. Should convert to possible availabilities accordingly to put a brake on forest cuttings.
  2. We should install smoke filtration plants in our industries to keep the air clean.
  3. We should jump to electric means of transportation.
  4. Should promote peace in the world to avoid destructive wars for the sake of both, clean nature and a healthy humanity.

Causes and Effects of Water Pollution

Every particle which contaminates the natural structure of Pure Water caused Water Pollution. Again mankind held responsible for water contamination for almost the same reasons mentioned above. 

Sources of Water Pollution

  1. We polluted the water to route domestic sewerages to the ponds of fresh water.
  2. Contaminated fresh water hoses to dump industrial waste in it.
  3. We are even responsible for toxic rain due to the existence of Sulphur and Nitrogen Oxide in the air and these substances polluted rainwater.
  4. Mankind becomes evil to its nature by greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide which wraps the atmosphere causes Global Warming. 

A polluted environment not just harms nature but also left a deep impact on the mood of living organisms and they have to migrate to a comparatively healthy environment for better living. Everybody wants to live in a clean environment but nobody takes serious steps to a healthy world. There is nothing in this world we can not do and we should take a stand against water pollution and have to undo this brutal act to save humanity.

Solutions and Prevention of Water Pollution

  1. We should not pour cooking or any other fat, grease, oil, household chemicals. Cleaning agents or any kind of pills or tablets to your sewerages. 
  2. Avoid using your toilets as waste bins to pour tissues, wrappers, dust clothes or other paper products.
  3. Industries should install wastewater process plants to detoxicate their waste for lakes, streams or water hoses inside or outside the earth.
  4. Adopting clean energy alternatives is a healthy way to prevent greenhouse effects. Hybrid vehicles and green energy sources are quite helpful to reduce global warming.

Causes and Effects of Soil Pollution

Soil Pollution defined as any pollutant particles pesticides water stocks down or on the earth. The earth is not just our home but countless bacterial and microscopic living organisms. Which is essential to maintain a balanced life on earth. But sadly we are being so selfish to other creatures of this world.

Sources of Soil Pollution

  1. We use pest-controlling chemicals or inorganic nitrogen fertilizers to exceed production from agricultural fields. Which causes many ecological backlashes, also known as Agrochemical Pollution.
  2. We badly contaminate the soil with improper disposal methods of solid waste such as plastics and electrical goods.
  3. The improper disposal method of chemical wastes from several types of industries leads to acidification of soil.
  4. Poor irrigation systems and lack of crop rotation also cause damage to the performance of soil.

“Every Action has an Equal Reverse Reaction”. We have damaged our soil so badly. We can not save from the reverse or negative impacts, except giving the cure to land. Affected our crops and degraded their quality by excessive use of inorganic nitrogen fertilizers. Living and playing in contaminated soil lead to adverse skin diseases.

Leaking or damaged channels in the irrigation system also cause damage to the soil like excess of watering and improper maintenance of canals and intense farming schedule gradually decreases soil quality over time and caused degradation of land.

Solutions and Prevention of Soil Pollution

  1. We may prevent harmful contaminants from the earth by adopting healthy and organic farming techniques.
  2. Should properly recycle industrial waste before disposing of it.
  3. We should arrange awareness and education campaigns for the community.
  4. We should maintain our irrigation and sewerage system properly to avoid soil contamination.


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