Some Dark Moments from your Favorite Disney Shows that you Might’ve Missed

Dark Moments from Disney Shows

We all have spent the maximum part of our childhood in front of the Disney channel. Our days began and ended with all of the characters we saw every day for months and years at a stretch. We laughed at Raven’s strange, funny faces when she suddenly got a glimpse of her future; envied Miley who lived a double-life as a rock star and a normal teenage girl; wished so desperately of having powers that the Russos’ had; had so much fun watching Zack and Cody live a life of luxury in a five-star suite; literally felt what Lizzie had to go through every single day at school; or enjoyed the whole summer vacations with Phineas and Ferb.

At that time, we were either too small to get it or were too busy following the storyline of that episode that some dark moments were overlooked by us. We’d like to bring some of them to the light now to remind you of what you have seen but never noticed:

1. Girl meets World:

The one episode in the very popular American teen drama Girl meets world, where everyone comes to know that Farkle has Asperger’s syndrome. For every symptom that he has, Maya says “he’ll stop doing that” wishing he’d stop acting like a weirdo at a time and just get back to normal behavior while this was his normal behavior. It just looked so harsh on television like she didn’t want to be friends with a person like Farkle who has Asperger’s syndrome. A pretty dark moment of Disney.

2. Suite Life of Zack and Cody:

The luxurious life spent by the troublesome teens at Tipton hotel was surely a delight for viewers of the era. But it has some dark moments of its own that only people that paid close attention and were mature enough to understand could catch. In an episode, we see the characters of London and Maddie faced with eating disorders. Both of them want to change their body’s shape. London feels pressure to gain weight while Maddie is pressured to lose weight. The scene depicts the dark reality of teen peer-pressure.

3. The Proud family:

Who doesn’t remember watching this awesome American animated sitcom on Disney Channel without missing any episode? We all enjoyed growing up with Penny Proud, a fourteen-year-old teenager who tried to gain independence and faced so many typical teenage experiences that we could relate to so much. Apart from the comical situations that she always landed into, there was one particular episode in the series where Penny switched families with a Muslim girl. Someone wrote “Slut” or “Go home” on the Muslim families’ house, and that was a pretty dark moment for Disney to broadcast. True to the events, yes, but dark for children watching at that time unaware of the reasons and logic behind this act.

So engrossed we’d been in watching our favorite shows by Disney that we failed to realize some of the darkest forms of humor presented by Disney in a very surprising way. 


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