If the Royal British family had a Hollywood Biopic

prince harry and meghan markle

The Royal Wedding of Megan Markle and Prince Harry was indeed a fairytale broadcast in front of the whole world. Everybody knew about this event and the media covered every smallest detail of it with the world. But it was not so soon after that we have another big news from the Royal couple themselves! As the glamour died down and life came back to normal for all of us. Certainly, there was something different cooking inside the royal gates.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Leaving The Royal Family

The couple has decided to give up the “royal” status. And return to life as normal civilians without having anything to do with the royal titles. They will no longer be associated with any job of the royal family and will no longer be called “your highness” within a few months. They have given a sound reason for excess media scrutiny under royal grounds.

The Queen, Elizabeth II has spoken words of support towards the goodwill of her grandson. Understanding their decisions and saying that she wishes that may he find the independent life that he wishes for.

This great drama unfolded in front of the audience in the last few days. And people cannot stop themselves from wondering how is it going to be possible for Hollywood script-writers to not use this situation in creating a juicy film script for their next work. The general incidents have made all of us wonder. If there was to be a certain movie to be based upon the whole dramatic “Royal Wedding” who would be cast in it?

Here are some of the suggestions that we’d like to put forward:

For the role of Prince Harry himself:

It is somewhat tough to select one person to fit the 6th successor of the British throne. Who fell in love with an ordinary girl, in an ordinary bar. Aand had the guts to stand up to his family for his love? (Not that there was any pressure against it, but, you know how Hollywood movies work!) Prince Harry is definitely Prince Charming, and for starters, actors like Domhnall Gleeson, Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hiddleston, or even Rupert Grint would definitely work fine. Some people suggested Ed Sheeran too, based on the resemblance of both their looks and features but that’s just too vague.

For the role of Meghan Markle:

The actress to be cast in the role of Meghan Markle would need to have the charm, personality, and aura of confidence and righteousness that Meghan carries with her all the time. The movie would depict how the life of an ordinary girl turned overnight. When some of her friends tried to set her up with one of their mutual friends and Bam! The next thing she knows, she is the Duchess of her country. It’s just like A princess Dairaies coming to real life. With suggestions like Bianca Lawson, Zoe Kravitz, and even Zendaya. People have been more bent towards Bianca Lawson to get the role.

For the role of William:

A drama won’t be any fun if there are no spices in it. To add the necessary brothers’ feud because of Harry’s newly found love interest. There has to be a strong character to portray him. Dan Stevens is a strong contender for this role as is James McAvoy.

For the role of Kate:

The wife of the brother, Kate’s role could be one of a conspirator. She will be wonderfully portrayed by a universal actress like Felicity Jones.

No matter who they cast and what script they write. The movie is going to be a blockbuster and people are going to go crazy about it throughout the world!


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