Digital Media and Natural Sources of Entertainment

Digital Media and Natural Sources of Entertainment

Entertainment has become an industry in this world and we all had experienced many types of entertainment. According to its definition, Entertainment is an activity that holds the attention and interest of a person or audience to amuses in an elegant way.

What is Digital Media Entertainment

Digital Media has changed the entertainment a lot. Digital Media has opened a new door to the entertainment industry. If you have a smartphone or a computer along with internet access then you are welcome in the world of Digital Media Entertainment. You can easily download or get online books to read, games to play or movies to watch for entertainment.

Digital Media have occupied our minds in the name of entertainment but we should not oversight the Natural Sources of Entertainment. Unfortunately, we are neglecting natural means which is quite more entertaining, healthy and beneficial for mankind.

For example, many of us may have experienced that we were busy watching a movie, playing a game or reading a book while it was raining outside but our addiction to digital sources of entertainment has overcome our minds enough to neglect the rain outside of the window. 

Digital Media effects on Society

We can not miss the positive effects of Digital Media on our daily lives. A common man can have access to the world of information and entertainment. Digital media and Digital devices have shortened the world even more. We are no more dependent on anyone to have any type of Information, Education or Entertainment.

But as we use to say that, “Excesses of anything is Bad”.

Digital Media is definitely a source of Information or Entertainment to fulfill your need or desire but considering it as a purpose or goal in life is completely the wrong approach. 

Many of us have heard about the news of suicides due to a video game called Blue Whale Challenge. According to news, there were hundreds of suicide attempts by users of that video game and most of them were teenagers. Cause an immature or childish mind is easy to capture through these types of games.

Do you realize the intensity of this situation and where our new generation headed?

This was just one demonstration but there are many other examples of developing abnormal behavior in kids due to playing video games. They are haunted by many psychological disorders and badly damaging their lives. 

As a parent or guardian, we have to keep an eye on the activities of our children and try to develop a friendly environment between parents and kids to avoid irrevocable losses.

Natural Source of Entertainment

There are many ways to entertain yourself in a healthy way. You can simply follow below-mentioned activities:

  1. Take a drive.
  2. Plan a trip with friends or family.
  3. Play a sport. (indoor/outdoor)
  4. Take a walk. (alone/friends)
  5. Cooking. 
  6. Visit a friend.
  7. Gardening.
  8. Board games.
  9. Take Yoga classes.

You should choose healthy entertainment activities rather than boxed ourselves into digital entertainment boundaries. Also, educate and promote healthy activities in surroundings and take an active part along with your friends and family. You may not be able to bring instant change to society but I assure you that you’ll initiate a healthy trend of entertainment to your circle of community.

The Trend of Healthy Activities

You should arrange or participate in social activities or healthy competition in your town and try to involve your friends and family to boost the confidence of a new generation which leads them to better living standards.

You should also promote indoor/outdoor team-based games and improve people’s interaction with your family and friends, believe me, you’ll reintroduce the healthy lifestyle to your community for sure.

Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

You can not deny the long-listed benefits of a healthy life. Everybody wants to live their lives in a healthy way but couldn’t take the necessary steps towards it. So we discuss some notable benefits of living happily.

  1. Avoid many dangerous hearts, mental and other diseases.
  2. Maintain a good mood.
  3. Improved memory.
  4. Good sleep.
  5. Improved decision power.
  6. Avoid anxiety.
  7. Healthy behavior.

You can clearly see the mindblowing advantages of a healthy lifestyle and these can definitely lead you to a happy, satisfied and successful life.


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