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15 Breathtaking Locations You Can Explore With Google Street View

Google’s Street View team has been busy.

Leaving the street behind, Google’s photographers have visited some of the world’s most incredible locations, capturing beautiful panoramic photos along the way.

From underwater research bases and submarines to underground salt mines and luxury airliners in the sky, you’re guaranteed to see something you’ve never seen before.

Here’s an underwater view of the Aquarius Reef Base in the Florida Keys, where marine biologists and astronauts conduct research.

15 Breathtaking Locations 1

This is Taierzhuang Ancient Town, the only ancient city in China that can boast its own canal.15 Breathtaking Locations 2

This is the HMS Ocelot, a decommissioned submarine that participated in “clandestine missions” for the Royal Navy in the 1960s

15 Breathtaking Locations 3

This is the bar aboard the world’s largest passenger airline, the Emirates A380.

15 Breathtaking Locations 4

The Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland was built in the 13th century and was used to mine table salt until 2007.

15 Breathtaking Locations 5

The Cancun Underwater Museum features pH neutral sculptures designed by Jason deCaires Taylor.

15 Breathtaking Locations 6

This bronze “Christ of the Abyss” statue was placed on the sea floor of the Florida Keys in 1965.

15 Breathtaking Locations 7

These are the stalactites of Jasovská Cave, the oldest publicly accessible cave located in Slovakia.

15 Breathtaking Locations 8

CERN is the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, home to the world’s largest particle collider.

15 Breathtaking Locations 9

Here’s a gorgeous view of the Swiss Alps from the tiny municipality of Bergün / Bravuogn, in Switzerland.

15 Breathtaking Locations 10

Here’s a view of from the maintenance unit of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest man-made structure in the world.

15 Breathtaking Locations 11

This is Shackleton’s Hut, used as a base by the explorer Ernest Shackleton as he raced to the South Pole during the 1907 Nimrod Expedition.

15 Breathtaking Locations 12

This is one of two Everest Base Camps, where mountain climbers rest and acclimate before ascending Mount Everest.

15 Breathtaking Locations 13

This is the ceremonial South Pole, encircled by the 12 flags of the original Antarctic Treaty nations.

15 Breathtaking Locations 14

This the space shuttle Atlantis, located at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Atlantis was also the final space shuttle mission.

15 Breathtaking Locations 15


Source: businessinsider