Wake Up to Our Humor Brunch

MeFunnySideUp - Wake Up to Our Humor Brunch

Two Year Old Sings The National Anthem

Trent Harris may only be 2 years old, but he already knows the words to the most special song in America: The National Anthem. Watch his rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at a local high school basketball game. 


Video: Courtesy of Jessica Harris

The Secret To Calming A Crying Baby

We’ve all been there! The baby is crying and we have exhausted all options! We’ve fed him, changed him and nothing! 

Daddy Ben, the guy in this video demonstrates how to calm the crying little human.


Video: Courtesy of ire ne

Lion Opens Car Door

Did you know lions can open car doors? Sisters Kaylene and Cindy found out the hard way. While visiting their parents, serving a mission in South Africa, one of the big cats decided to open their car door and take a peek inside. 


Video: Courtesy of Joshua Sutherland

Concert Pianist’s EPIC Save On Stage In Front Of An Audience

Professional pianist Maria Joao Pires was supposed to play a certain Mozart concerto and she suddenly realizes ON STAGE the orchestra begins to play another, and all taking place in front of an audience in Amsterdam. Watch how this pro nails it!


Video: Courtesy of cfcup2004